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10 Cryptocurrency-Themed Restaurants to Visit Across the Globe

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Cryptocurrency-themed restaurants bring forward delicious food along with easy transaction facilities

Since the gigantic rise of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there has been a significant fear among policy-makers and regulators that if cryptocurrencies overtake fiat currencies, it would jeapordize the entire global financial and economic infrastructure. But circumstances have changed now, as cryptocurrencies have gained a good level of acceptance, even global centralized institutions are accepting digital currencies and are also providing security measures to invest in them. Since then, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, to name a few have gained acceptance in global industries, including the food industry. Restauranteurs and hotel owners are playing their creative game too well as they establish cryptocurrency-themed restaurants across the globe. There are crypto restaurants that accept digital currencies for payments, and street food joints and cafes that have created lucrative menus featuring dishes named after some of the top digital currencies. Here, we have listed the top crypto-themed restaurants that you can visit across the world.



Welly’s is a burger joint in Naples, Italy, and is also the world’s first Shiba Inu-themed restaurant. SHIB’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced that the team wishes to expand this fast-food chain globally in its first-ever move to reach people in real life. This move is expected to make Shiba Inu reach the mainstream audience and connect with people around the world with a healthy, yet delicious SHIB-branded meal.


Crypto Street Restaurant

Crypto Street Restaurant is a new restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida, that wishes more customers to partake in the crypto craze. The items on its menu, which are American and Hispanic staples, are named to tingle the interests of the crypto enthusiasts, like ‘crypto-cuban’ sandwiches, ‘nutty-protocol’ salad, ‘DeFi caesar’ salad, ‘Shiba shrimp’ cocktail, and such others. The walls of this restaurant depict Bitcoin and Ethereum symbols, a rocket headed to the moon, and quotes by Dogecoin supporter Elon Musk.



Indian restaurant ‘Voosh’ has also adopted cryptocurrency-themed food items on its menu. Voosh’s hottest selling product is their regular Indian tea, but the team has come up with a fancier crypto-themed name by calling it ‘Crypto Chai by Voosh’. Indian crypto enthusiasts are super-excited about Voosh’s moves. Some of its delicious items include Bitcoin Masala Oats, Smart Contract Poha, Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa, and so many more.


Doge Burger

As the name suggests, Doge Burger is a Dogecoin-themed virtual restaurant that was recently launched in Dubai. The restaurant is the first crypto-inspired food outlet in the UAE. The restaurant via its Instagram page that will accept several major cryptocurrencies for payments, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and of course Dogecoin. The primary aim of Doge Burger is to accelerate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the UAE.


Flyfish Club

Flyfish Club will be the world’s first NFT restaurant that is scheduled to open around 2023. But the idea and concept of the restaurant have already created a lot of buzz among the most tech-savvy foodies in the world. While it’s necessary to present its NFT Flyfish Club to access the restaurant, customers will still have to pay for their meals, and not in cryptos, in dollars. 


Hash House

Hash House is a cafe located in Xian, China. It is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-themed cafe that offers sanctions for all the crypto enthusiasts to learn and explore the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The cafe has a development studio for blockchain-based startups, where the general public can work whilst enjoying warm beverages. In addition to this, it also has classrooms, meeting rooms, and 500 square meters of office space. 


Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop

Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop is one of the first cafes that is currently displaying a rotating collection of NFT avatars on screens as well as in its store. The cafe is working on accepting crypto for payments in-store and is also looking to host events for NFT communities. In fact, its first-ever private event was for holders of the Fluffy Polar Bear NFT. 


GOI Rolls

GOI Rolls is the first UAE’s first restaurant to innovate in the Web 3, F, and B space by launching NFT collections of their mouthwatering summer rolls. With every NFT minted, the restaurant visitors can redeem half of their values for real food at their kiosks in Jumeirah. The project has received an overwhelming response from UAE’s crypto and Web 3 community and foodies across the Emirates. 



An NFT restaurant phenomenon will soon be coming to Miami. Chef Bee, best known for his Miami restaurant Oishi Thai, which opened in 2005, is planning on launching Miami’s first NFT restaurant. The location for Piya is not confirmed yet but it will have a private omakase dining room and a fast-casual area where NFT holders will have access to private events.


Original Burger Boy

Original Burger Boy is pretty famous for its smash burgers, with each component souped-up and fully loaded. But now, the customers have to be pretty crypto-savvy and educate themselves about NFTs and the metaverse. Like large fast-food chains, for the Original Boy Burger, the IRL version will be available only after the owners have reached their funding goals, but partaking in selling and buying NFT tokens. 

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