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10 Health & Fitness Benefits Of Jump Rope, According To Experts

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Whether you skipped rope as a kid or not, a refresher on form and equipment can help you maximize the results you get from jump roping and make it feel easier. To start, you’ll want to get a quality jump rope that’s sized for you. “If you find yourself tripping over your rope, it’s either too long or too short for you,” says Dan Witmer, co-founder of Jump Rope Dudes, a jump roping community with over one million subscribers on YouTube.

“I highly recommend an adjustable rope, especially if you’re ordering a rope without trying it in person,” says Kelsey Stalter, NASM-certified personal trainer and Equinox AK! Rope instructor. “It allows you to play with different lengths and see what feels good. To check the length, step on the rope with both feet and pull the handles vertically, straight up to the sky. The tip tops of the handles should hit right above your armpit, right below your shoulder,” she says. 

Crossrope also sells high-quality ropes that you can purchase based on your height for the perfect fit.

Make sure you’re wearing sneakers with a sturdy sole to protect your feet and ankles. Once you’re set on equipment, practice proper form before trying a full workout. 

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