The food you eat is important for your body and also it affects your body in many ways. What you choose to eat has profound effects on your overall health. Research shows that dietary habits always influence disease risk. Also, certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, while others can offer strong medicinal and protective qualities. Diet should not be a replacement for medicine. With the help of food, many illnesses can be prevented or cured, or sometimes it will not give results. Here we try to look at the angle of a dietician, how the things you eat affect your body in many ways.

* Many foods contain high-quality nutrients, which promote health and protect your body from various diseases.
* Food which contains vitamins and minerals are very essential for our body.
* High processed food, which is consumed in western countries, consists of nutrients that are not healthy and they are deficient in vitamins and minerals. Such food can increase your risk of disease.
* Insufficient intake of vitamin C and D as well as folate may harm your heart and can cause various illnesses.
* Nutritious foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans, dry fruits, and grains have beneficial compounds such as antioxidants which are responsible for the protection of cells from damage.
* High fiber food helps you a lot and helps you against various diseases. On the other hand, food lacking in fiber may lead to various illnesses.
* Food that contains healthy fats and protein may improve heart health and the immune system.
* On the other hand, unhealthy diets high in surgery drinks, fast food, and refined grains are responsible for various serious health issues.

Those are a few things you eat that can affect your body in many ways.

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