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Ace Entrepreneur Adnan Ahmad Anees’s Journey Of Revamping The Digital Marketing Industry : The Tribune India

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In today’s competitive era, amongst all the career paths, one path which is exponentially rising is Digital Marketing. Knowledge about the market is what one needs to grow in this career field and Adnan Ahmad Anees knows this better than anyone else.

Coming from Delhi, Adnan worked his way up the success ladder and today he owns VIBROS.OFFICIAL.

 VIBROS.OFFICIAL is a leading Public Relations company that thrives for its client’s growth. The team is always on their toes to ensure that the client’s expectations are lived up to.

 Being the owner of a leading Public Relations company isn’t as effortless as it seems. Adnan keeps working on his strategic skills so that they will keep him ahead of his competitors.


He says, ” Our company believes in the execution of the plans and my team is committed to our client’s business development.” Adding to it he also admits that with the latest marketing strategies and on-demand technology, the team delivers the result in the given time.


Being an Entrepreneur is way beyond minting money. Adnan firmly believes that one can be a successful Entrepreneur when he gets the ability to uplift society. Slowly but surely, Digital Marketing is becoming people’s top priority when it comes to choosing a career path. ” Digital Marketing does allow you to be an Eminent Entrepreneur but for that, you need a lot of patience,” says Adnan.


Adnan’s journey has never been smooth as a Digital Marketer. Despite all ups and downs, he kept working towards his passion and that resulted in his success as an eminent Digital Marketer. He urges the youth to sharpen their creative skills and give this career path a go.


The upcoming time is going to be full of challenges. To remain at the heights of success, Adnan needs to work twice as hard and he is already doing it. He is working his fingers to bones to ensure VIBROS.OFFICIAL reaches the heights it deserves and we all are sure that with the amazing team of experts and Adnan’s dedication, this dream of his will come true in no time.

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