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ArunMandola talks about fitness, good health and mental peace : The Tribune India

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For actor Arun Mandola, health is much more than just looking fit; it is also about feeling healthy and being mentally happy. On World Health Day (April 7), the actor says, “Good health doesn’t mean you should look fit from the outside. Everyone should be mentally happy as well and this can be done by doing yoga or meditation. This helps build mental and emotional health. The state is such that we don’t even know what to do if we are clinically depressed. It’s a very serious concern. Last year, one of my actor friends committed suicide because of depression. Gym is only for external fitness, but what about the internal fitness.”

He adds, “Fitness is not only about workout. What you eat or drink also matters. It is so important to eat healthy. Even if I am busy, I make sure that I am following a healthy lifestyle. I feel it makes all the difference.”

The pandemic has changed the way people feel about health, but for many this is not a permanent change. “I don’t think much has changed. I have seen that people are often rigid and they go back to their own ways in no time! So, I am not sure about how much they will stick to what they learn,” he says.

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