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Avito Real Estate Appoints Andrzej Olejnik to Managing Director to Level Up its Digital Platform

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MOSCOW, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Avito Real Estate, a Russian advertisements platform, has announced today the appointment of Andrzej Olejnik as new Managing Director for the company.

Avito Real Estate is now focusing on strategic business scaling and investments by expanding the range of services available on the platform. The priority of the strategy is the further digitalization of the user experience and expansion of services around the transaction.

Andrzej Olejnik joined the team in 2021 as a member of the advisory board of the Real Estate department.

Mr. Olejnik brings over two decades of strategic management experience to Avito Real Estate having previously held senior leadership roles at venture capital firms in Poland. He founded and managed one of the most successful banking projects in Europe, and served as a board member for multiple successful startups.

Previously, he undertook various leadership roles in Eastern Europe and Asia, building companies in different sectors such as finance, e-commerce, digital marketing and digital real estate. Since 2013 he has been an expert in the digitalization of the global real estate market. 

As Managing Director of Avito Real Estate, Andrzej Oljnik will be responsible for the rapidly developing business and its digital transformation, implementation of new services and the technological development of the platform.

With new leadership, Avito plans to increase its team by 35%, and grow its engineering department up to 900 people by the end of 2022. Additionally, the company will focus on significantly scaling its product and launching its new and up-to-date features.

Andrzej Olejnik:
“Avito has always been a leader in online real estate in Russia. This leadership puts on us the responsibility to move the market forward. Today, every second apartment in Russia is sold through Avito, more than 480,000 sellers and landlords advertise on the platform with 2.2 million ads placed, and more than 40 million users visit the Real Estate section every month, making Avito Real Estate one of the biggest real estate platforms in the world. Our team has already achieved a lot: we have made the search for housing simple, provided the widest range of choice and guaranteed the confidence that users would not miss the best option for their family. Despite great success, we know how to make searching and decision making even easier. And this will soon become apparent in the product.

“But this is just the beginning. It is time to significantly expand the quantity and quality of the offered services past the search process. Our task is to anticipate and fulfill any user request on his way to the real estate transaction as best we can. It doesn’t matter whether the client chooses to go through the process on his own using digital tools or with the support of our partners: realtors, developers, agencies, and management companies. Either way, we believe that it is our responsibility to assist the user during the most important transaction of his life and empower him with the tools to make this process quick, financially beneficial and safe. We want to unlock the full potential of the real estate segment and believe that by increasing the transparency and liquidity of the market we will increase the number of transactions. Thus, all parties will benefit; real estate owners, buyers, and professional market participants, who will get an increase in their business volumes.”

Vladimir Pravdivy, CEO of Avito:
“I am glad and proud that Andrzej is joining the Avito team in the role of Managing Director of Avito Real Estate. His predecessor, Ivan Dubrovin, achieved significant success within the framework of the classified business model, and now we have come to a very important development stage – we are moving closer to the transaction and entering into new business models, expanding the role we play in our customerslives. This is a serious challenge, especially in such a large and complex business. I am sure that Andrzej’s entrepreneurial experience in digital real estate projects on various markets around the world from Eastern Europe to the Middle East will help Avito strengthen its leadership on the Russian real estate market and launch new innovative products for clients.”

Ivan Dubrovin, managing co-director of Avito Real Estate:
“I am happy about this long-term journey with Avito as a leader of the Real Estate department and I am proud of the team’s results. We are the undisputable federal market leader with multiple advantages over our competitors, our product launches had a dramatic influence on the experience of Russian people, plus we have a clear strategy which is supported by the shareholder… And the most amazing thing is that this is just the beginning! I am glad that at the next stage, the head of Avito Real Estate will be Andrzej, who accepted the challenge and from the position of adviser, external expert and friend of the department, took on the operational role. I leave Avito Real Estate with gratitude and confidence in the team and its leader. In the near future, I am going to take a break to focus on my own projects, family and the realization of the deferred desires, for example, studying or buying a game console. Maybe I’ll even buy a country estate… where? Of course, on Avito!”

In order to support new initiatives and strategic development of the company, Avito’s top management has planned significant investments in the team, product development and marketing. Next year, the Avito Real Estate team will grow by 35%. The company also plans to hire more than 900 developers, who will work on user experience improvements, the launch of new services, trust and safety initiatives.

About Avito Real Estate
Avito Real Estate is the No. 1 platform in terms of the number of unique users and the number of ads placed on the real estate market in Russia. Avito Real Estate is a federal platform representing all categories of real estate anywhere in Russia. On average over 2.4 million active offers were available daily on Avito Real Estate throughout Russia during the month (November-December 2021). In total they collected more than 1.2 billion views and 40 million visitors in the Real Estate section every month. Thus, on average, there have been more than 25,000 new ads for sale and rent of real estate posted on the platform every day.

About Avito
Avito is the most popular online ad platform in Russia and the most visited online classified site in the world. The leader of the rating of shopping apps from App Annie in 2021 by the total number of installations on mobile devices. 78% of Avito users are from a mobile audience. Every day, users add about 700,000 new ads. Six transactions are made on Avito every second. More than 50 million people interact on Avito every month, and the number of ads placed exceeds 83 million. In 2020, Avito users made 182 million transactions for the sale of goods (data from a joint study by Avito and Data Insight). Today, with the help of the service, you can place ads in categories such as: Goods, Cars, Work, Services, and Real Estate. Avito unites sellers and buyers, both from individuals and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. For convenient and secure transactions, Avito Delivery is integrated into the service, which allows users to carry out transactions throughout Russia – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

For more information, please contact:
Anastasia Sysoeva, PR Manager of Avito Real Estate
Phone: +7 963 619-22-09 E-mail: [email protected]

Marina Moskalenko, PR Manager of Avito Real Estate
Phone: +7 923 127 41 66 E-mail: [email protected]  

Ulyana Smolskaya, PR Director
Phone: +7 964 500 75 19 E-mail: [email protected]  


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