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Awin Report Power 100 Showcases Top Affiliate Marketing Partners Generating Billions in Revenue | News

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Key report highlights include ethical ecommerce, technology partner innovation and local market excellence

BALTIMORE, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A new industry report released today by global affiliate marketing platform Awin showcases 100 industry movers and shakers responsible for generating $4.5 billion in revenue for brands throughout 2021. The sixth Awin industry research report explores the significant changes that have taken place in ecommerce and highlights key trends driving the global affiliate marketing industry.

The Awin Report Power 100 represents some of the most exciting opportunities across all markets, sectors, and affiliate types. It includes partners from markets as geographically disparate as [Brazil and Australia]. The list of 100 businesses is not simply a ranking of the biggest or highest-revenue generating, but instead those that push the boundaries of what it means to be a partner in the affiliate channel. Their impact speaks for itself, generating over 53 million sales last year for 7,000+ brands with an average ROI of 14:1.

The diverse models highlighted in the report cover everything from TikTok creators to price comparison sites, niche bloggers to global media powerhouses. It also includes the use of cutting-edge technologies and FinTech pioneers. The diversity of the companies and individuals included is a testament to the sheer depth of innovation and flexibility of affiliate and partner marketing.

There are several themes this year in the Awin Report Power 100, including:

  • Enabling ethical ecommerce: Discover partners helping brands and consumers connect for positive impact – extending beyond sustainability to shopping in ways that also support inclusivity, diversity, and community good. Partners here include FinTech company HELPFUL, a sustainable payments platform to help businesses become carbon neutral, and &Charge, a loyalty program for electric and sustainable urban mobility in Europe.
  • Outsourcing innovation: This section features the technology partners helping advertisers enhance their ecommerce offerings by removing the burden of developing tech in-house. MikMak (marketing analytics software to understand and perfect the online journey) and Twenga (shopping ads provider that predicts conversion rate and basket value to set optimal bid value) are notable examples highlighted in the report, demonstrating that innovation can be ‘plug-and-play’ to increase sales.
  • Redefining ‘affiliate’: This section aims to reshape what it means to be an affiliate today. It features global retailers alongside agencies that are driving affiliate marketing forward and changing the narrative. Sellers Alley is a great example of this, an official TikTok marketing partner that can deploy ad strategies on behalf of advertisers at no additional service cost.


Adam Ross, CEO of Awin, said, “With several hundred thousand partners on our platform, selecting just 100 of the most innovative and unique partners for the industry-first Power 100 list wasn’t easy. Our panel of experts has collated an incredibly impressive catalog of the leading technologies that are collectively changing how brands, marketers, and consumers perceive the value of affiliate and partner marketing. From partners that are ‘Enabling ethical ecommerce,’ to those ‘Tapping into local markets,’ and ‘Going global,’ the Power 100 partners represent the adaptability and scope of the industry – we hope every partner featured is as excited as we are to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the value they offer to brands looking for untapped opportunities to reach consumers.”

To access a free copy of the Awin Report Power 100, please visit https://awin.link/awinreport-uspr.

About Awin

Awin is a marketing technology platform, providing an open marketplace for businesses to manage any type of partnership. From traditional affiliates, mass media, influencers to B2B, advertisers selling products or services online can seamlessly leverage engaged consumer audiences to grow sales, expand customer reach and strengthen their brand. With over 400 merchants and 12,000 publishers joining our US network each month, Awin is the fastest-growing platform in the US. Our data-led multi-touch attribution solution empowers ecommerce brands to drive incremental ecommerce growth and guaranteed results. For more information, please visit http://www.awin.com.


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Lizzy Harris, Awin, 3035031136, awin@metiscomm.com



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