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Best Commuter Bikes 2022: Affordable road bikes for getting around town

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This is no ordinary e-bike. It has a slick, stealth-like presence on the road, and on each of the two 10-mile commuter rides I made, a bystander felt compelled to comment on how cool the bike was. THAT is when you know you’re riding something special.

I have always considered the use of an e-bike a bit of a cop out and have consciously weaved in my cycle commute into my weekly exercise regime. There are mornings though when I wake up and the legs just aren’t up to it (who’s are at 6am?) and this is where a battery-powered bike comes into its own.

It still requires you to pedal and input some energy but the additional support takes the sting out on any ride – no burn in your thighs required. With a simple push of the peddle, the motor kicks in intuitively and you’re up and, well, cycling.

The bike has a carbon belt as opposed to the usual chain which spans smoothly and the hum of the motor – especially as you get your nose ahead of everyone else as the lights turn green – is very satisfying.

What’s more, once you’ve downloaded the app and docked your phone onto the handlebars (the bike also charges your phone battery), you can use the map to navigate around and even check your speed.

The app can even alert you if someone attempts to steal your bike and with real-time tracking, you’ll soon recover it. There is also has a ‘crash detector’ that will notify your nominated person giving them your exact location. Good peace of mind, especially on the busy London roads.

In terms of battery life, you’ve got up to 70kn in the tank before the battery needs recharging which involves a simple unlocking of the battery compartment and plugging in. The battery power offers a max assisted speed of up to 25km/h. Impressive and within the law.

The hydraulic disc breaks react instantly to slow you down as the motor disengages. The resilient puncture-resistant tyres have a flexible grip and fill you with confidence, even at speed around the harshest of curves. The front and rear lights are integrated into the frame to give you visibility day or night (and no need to worry about separate batteries).

The aluminium frame and forks are available in three colour options; black, sand or khaki. Comes with a very comfortable Selle Royal saddle as standard.

Additional accessories such as a kickstand, Kryptonite u-lock, pannier and helmet. Theft insurance and Cowboy Care also advisable.

Weight: 18.9kg

Key tech info: Carbon belt; removable rechargeable battery

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