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BPS celebrates health, fitness on Sport Day

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Staff and students of Birla Public School celebrating National Sport Day.

Doha: Birla Public School’s sports department organised many sport activities to mark Qatar National Sport Day (NSD) on Tuesday. 

It was a breath of fresh air amidst the pandemic. 

Celebrating the National Sport Day highlights the role sports play in creating a healthy community at both physical and psychological levels. 

Defence Attaché at the Embassy of India, Captain Mohan Atla; Chairman, Gope Shahani; President of ISC and Director of BPS, Dr. Mohan Thomas and Management Representative, Neville Lukose, were the dignitaries of the day. The whole event was celebrated abiding by COVID-19 protocols.

Academic Director-Principal, Harish Sanduja; Head of Non-Academics, Vinod and Vice Principals led the school in the celebrations.  

“In this situation of pandemic, continuous practice of health activities is very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy,” said President of ISC and Director of BPS, Dr. Mohan Thomas while welcoming the gathering. 

The event, organised in collaboration with ISC, witnessed the formal ceremony of flag hoisting, leisure activities and various friendly matches between the staff of BPS & ISC.

Defence Attaché at the Embassy of India and Coordinating Officer Indian Sports Centre Captain Mohan Atla presided over the celebrations. 

He addressed the attendees and expressed how sports played an important role in his life, which enabled him to be a naval officer in the armed forces.  He also said that sports is something which will teach you a lot in life whether you win or lose.  

The school Sports Captain, Aaron Ansel Mathew, administered the oath. 

The formal function concluded with the Principal’s address. It was followed by various sports and leisure activities for both male and female staff.  The staff of BPS showcased their flair for sports and fitness through these spirited team activities with the staff of ISC. 

The Birla fraternity vigorously participated in all the sport and leisure activities like football, throw ball, musical chairs, bombing the city, volleyball, tug of war. 
These friendly competitions unveiled the quintessential spirit of sports and the winners who bagged valuable trophies made the programme more lively and entertaining. 

The celebration unleashed the healthy free spirit of the academic, non-academic, support and ISC staff. 

The winners were appreciated and honoured by the school.  

The football and volleyball trophies were won by ISC staff with BPS staff as runner up. 

Apart from these, the other activities like tug of war, bombing the city, throw ball and musical chair were the highlights of the event. 

The vote of thanks by Sports Captain Sreejitha Ghosh marked the end of the day’s celebration. 

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