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CEO of £100 million company shares ‘common mistake’ entrepreneurs make | Personal Finance | Finance

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“About six months later we did our first equity crowdfunding round, and raised $200,000 (around £153,000), and bought 152 shareholders on board.”

When asked about the challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur, she said she was ignored a lot – something many young entrepreneurs have spoken about. As a young woman, she found people underestimated her and what she could do however that just gave her more fire to succeed. She encouraged others to not be daunted by more experienced investors who seem to know more.

When speaking on “common mistakes” that young entrepreneurs make, and advice to combat this, Brianne explained it was a failure to plan.

She said: “Plan! Plan Plan! I used to despise planning but it doesn’t have to be a 50 page long corporate document with a fixed plan for the next three to five years. So if you think like that too, just start with a plan on a page, bulleting out your goals for that year, steps to achieve, resources you’ll need etc. you’ll be surprised what comes out.”

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