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Crypto Comes Of Age – Survey Suggests Cryptocurrency Nearly As Popular As Investment Property With Kiwi Investors

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Kiwi cryptocurrency platform, Easy Crypto, has today
released insights from a survey it conducted of 1,000 New
Zealanders, analysing evolving attitudes towards the
burgeoning investment category.

The survey highlights
cryptocurrency’s rapid ascent to becoming a mainstream
investment in little over a decade, with 18.4 per cent of
adult Kiwis surveyed reporting they are currently invested
in cryptocurrency – compared with 19.7 per cent who
reported having investment property.

More respondents
had heard of cryptocurrency as an investment category (71.7
per cent) than had heard of bonds (65.3 per cent); once the
investment vehicle of choice for an entire

Easy Crypto co-founder and CEO, Janine
Grainger, says the sector is experiencing a real coming of
age, and is increasingly seen as an attractive way to
diversify for investors.

“A common sentiment we see
among our more than 100,000 Easy Crypto customers is a sense
that Cryptocurrency is going to be central to the digital
infrastructure of the future and they’re keen to have a
stake in it early,” says Grainger. “Our users aren’t
typically staking it all on one cryptocurrency; just like
with shares, many investors are taking a diverse portfolio
approach where they’re focusing on the whole market rather
than trying to pick a single winner.”

Grainger says
Kiwi investors expect a certain level of customer experience
and trust when entering into any investment, and that’s
what Easy Crypto has delivered.

“When Kiwis engage
with any financial service they have high expectations: they
want simple and easy purchasing, trustworthy transaction
processes and the ability to chat to a NZ-based customer
service representative. We’ve been really conscious of
that from day one, and I think that’s why we’re now
seeing this mainstreaming of cryptocurrency – access
really is as easy now as buying some shares in Mainfreight
or making a Kiwisaver deposit.”

Grainger believes
that FOMO has also played a significant role in
cryptocurrency’s arrival as a mainstream investment
category. The Easy Crypto survey reveals that nearly a
quarter of respondents were aware of Bitcoin when it was
worth less than $1,000NZD (it’s presently worth more than
$56,000 NZD) and are kicking themselves for now buying

In addition, more than one in five
participants reported having a friend or family member who
had made a lot of money investing in

“That sense of FOMO is definitely
having an effect. A decade or so ago you used to hear people
wistfully saying they knew about Apple in the nineties and
wish they’d bought then – the ironic thing is that if
instead of being wistful they’d actually bought Apple,
they’d be up massively right now despite missing those
early gains. You get the same sense with cryptocurrency –
there are some who talk as if they’ve missed the bus, and
others who think bus has a long way left to go and it’s
not stopping.”

* Like any investment, past
performance is not a guarantee for what’s going to happen
in the future

** Of course, with any high risk
investment type, there is the potential for upside but also
risk that the value could go down.


  • Survey was commissioned by Easy Crypto
    and conducted by consumer insights agency 3Gem, surveying a
    panel of 1,000 New Zealanders aged 18+
  • Easy Crypto is a New
    Zealand based cryptocurrency retailer with presence in South
    Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil and plans for
    rapid expansion into new markets, including Philippines,
    Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Easy Crypto is not a
    financial advisor, it offers a cryptocurrency retail
    service. Users who purchase cryptocurrency are advised to do
    their own due diligence on any cryptocurrency they seek to

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