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Faisal Rana, The Digital Marketing Expert to connect creativity with dreams

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When the internet first began to make inroads into each household in the twentieth century, people were skeptical of its utility and would never have anticipated, in such a short time, that it would actually bring the entire world to our palms, which it did.

Faisal Rana, The Digital Marketing Expert to connect creativity with dreams

The professional digital marketer Faisal Rana was born and raised in a small village in Pakistan. Due to his early success, he became an online celebrity across the state and went on to earn a six-figure salary from various sources. When people learned the secret behind Faisal’s accomplishments, they were intrigued, and they questioned how he managed to do so much on his own and without much financial support. Faisal Rana anticipated the skyrocketing demand for strategic digital marketing services to maximize the opportunities offered by ecommerce platforms. Despite having excellent technical skills in computer science, his insatiable need to learn led him to take professional courses to delve further into the platform’s delicacies.

Faisal Rana is now a certified digital marketing expert. He is a postgraduate in Strategic Marketing SEO, Amazon, SEM, PPC, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Project Management. He is the founder and CEO of “LABEL BY PKR,” a digital marketing firm that provides specialized services to help firms increase their digital presence worldwide. Faisal Rana is in charge of ensuring that the target audience can easily find the website. He assists them in driving relevant traffic to their website by optimizing the structure and content for search engines (SEO) and using paid online advertising (SEM). Faisal and his crew work closely with their clients every day to discover their needs and intended audience.

He declares, “Advanced advertising combines craftsmanship and science with the ability to tell compelling stories about products. Everyone, from SMEs to established brands, wants to improve their economic expertise and effectiveness. Organizations that specialize in sophisticated advertising can help them achieve this goal.” Faisal Rana, is committed to his work. Faisal has always been an enthusiast of the digital environment. Faisal spends time on social media sites and connects with the audience to promote brands, improve sales, and generate traffic to websites. Faisal Rana has transformed it into a dynamic platform for businesses and customers to promote their products and services efficiently.

Faisal Rana plans to employ emerging tools in the digital marketing field to provide an even better customer experience in the future. He’s also keeping an eye on contemporary tactics for controlling traffic to clients’ landing sites. He aims to create disruptive tactics by analyzing data and doing in-depth analysis to gain a better understanding of the target audience.

Story first published: Friday, February 11, 2022, 11:10 [IST]

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