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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Global Britain is still open to Russian money, says Dominic Raab

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Dominic Raab has said that Global Britain is open to Russian money comint into the UK, as long as it is not linked to Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The Deputy Prime Minister told Sky News: “We’re not targeting all international finance coming into the UK, we want to be open to that. 

“We’re not targeting blanket Russian money, we’re targeting the corrupt, the kleptocrats, the ones linked to Putin and his war machine.

He said that the UK wanted to remain “open to business and open to international investment – it’s part of our USP as Global Britain.”

When asked if the UK was going quick enough on sanctions, such as seizing Russian yachts, he said: “We need evidence to seize properties. It has been put about that we’re slow or we’re lagging behind.

“Actually we’ve sanctioned more Russian banks than the EU, including the biggest Russian bank. We’ve prevented millions of Russian companies from being listed in the UK or raising loans in the UK.”

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