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How To Get Free Money on Cash App

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Cash App is becoming popular because of the numerous ways you can make money from the platform. Cash App allows you to:

  • Pay for purchases
  • Send money
  • Receive money
  • Enroll for direct deposit
  • Invest
  • Access digital banking

While Cash App is free, the platform charges some fees for miscellaneous services such as credit card money transfers and instant deposits. Keep reading to find out how you can make money on Cash App.

7 Ways To Get Free Money on Cash App

Here are ways to make free money on Cash App.

1. Request Money

Choose a person by entering their email address, phone number or $cashtag. You can then add a note on what the money is for.

2. Approve a Payment

Secondly, you can get money on Cash App by approving a payment, especially if the person is sending money to you for the first time.

3. Earn $5 When You Sign Up

When you first join Cash App, you can earn $5. Make sure you have a Cash App free money code to get this cash. You will also need to complete a transaction of at least $5 in the first 14 days.

4. Cash Card Boosts

To effortlessly earn from Cash App, obtain a free Cash App Visa debit card and activate your spending boosts. You will then get one-time discounts at all participating merchants.

The debit cash card is key to getting free money from the app. You can buy items online immediately. If you opt for in-store shopping, you will have to wait for a week or two, however.


Cash App is a secure platform that not only allows you to send and receive money but also offers ways for you to earn cash. There are numerous ways to make money from Cash App, such as a signup bonus, referring friends, social media contests and cash card boosts.

5. Refer Friends

You can make free money with Cash App by referring friends to join the app, as soon as you create your account. You both earn cash for every new user who joins the app using your invite link. Click on the “Invite Friends” button on your account and share the invite link. 

You can refer friends to Cash App in three ways:

  • Send an invite through your contact list.
  • Enter the friend’s phone number, and the app sends a text with the invite link to the friend.
  • Submit your friend’s email address, and Cash App will send an email to the potential user with a guide to joining the platform.

6. Social Media Contests

If you have a sizeable following, you can make free cash by using your $cashtag on your posts.

7. Bitcoin Boost

You also can get free money on Cash App Bitcoin Boost when you make qualifying purchases using Cash App debit card. The money you earn is in the form of bitcoin, which you can convert into cash by selling.

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