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Invasion in ‘next several days’, says Joe Biden

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The West has failed to respond to Russia’s security concerns and Moscow will be forced to resort to “military-technical” action unless Ukraine is formally barred from Nato, Russia has said. 

In a 10-page letter handed to John Sullivan, the American ambassador in Moscow, the Russian government said the US and Nato had failed to address security guarantees it had put forward last month amid diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation around Ukraine. 

“In the absence of readiness from the American side to reach agreement on concrete, legally binding guarantees ensuring our security from the side of the United States and its allies, Russia will be obliged to react, including with measures of a military-technical character,” the letter said  

“Our red lines and key interests in the field of security are being ignored, and Russia’s inalienable right to defend tem is being denied. For us this is unacceptable,”

The letter, which was drafted by foreign minister Sergei Lavrov with the approval of Vladimir Putin, does not specify what those measures would look like but denies that Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine. 

However, it warns that de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis would depend on Kyiv fulfilling the Minsk agreements, and for Western countries and Nato to halt arms deliveries, recover those that have already been handed over, withdraw all training teams and advisors, and promise never to hold any kind of joint training exercises with the Ukrainian army. 

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