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I’ve made $323,000 teaching people how to bake bread online

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TERESA Greenway was taking any job she could find in 2014, until she realized there was value in her favorite hobby, baking sourdough.

Since then, the mom of ten has grown an online business netting more than $300,000.


Teresa Greenway, 63, has created over 13 videos for online class website UdemyCredit: The Baking Network

Teresa learned several lessons along the way.

She had a rocky return to work, telling Grow: “I felt like I didn’t have anything to offer to the workforce.”

That same year, during an online coaching class called “Smart Women Make Money,” it was pointed out to Teresa that her passion could be her next career move.

This was when things turned around for her.

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From baking at home, to launching her first online course, and even to publishing how-to books, Teresa has advice for those looking to make money online.

How did Teresa Greenway start making money online?

While googling how she could earn extra cash, Teresa discovered the online course website Udemy.

In a way, creating videos was a natural step for her.

She had been baking since 2004, collecting years of technical knowledge about sourdough.

She even created a blog, named Northwest Sourdough, which included lessons she’d learned.

All she had to do was translate the content from her blog to video format.

Teresa’s first sourdough-making course was launched on Udemy in 2015.

“The very first month of my course, I made $1,000,” she told Grow, “which was amazing because, at that point, I was only making about $300 a month.”

She went on to upload thirteen more courses and has netted $323,000 from Udemy altogether.

How is Teresa paid by Udemy?

Teresa doesn’t always earn the same commission from each video.

In reality, her income is less consistent.

Her courses range in length from 44 minutes to four and a half hours.

They also range in price from about $30 to $100 each, as Udemy often offers sales, causing her monthly income to vary.

However, there is no fee for Teresa to create and host a course on the site.

Her online empire has also expanded beyond Udemy.

Teresa’s latest venture is with The Baking Network.

For $10 to $110 per year, members get access to some of her Udemy courses, as well as other workshops.

Her advice for those starting an online business

  1. Content is more important than video quality – She almost didn’t upload her first video to Udemy, because of the makeshift kitchen she was working in at the time. But, she realized, if you have knowledge “that’s life changing for someone, they’re willing to overlook the quality.”
  2. Be consistent – Even on the days you don’t feel like creating, Teresa said to be consistent in your effort.

Teresa says the latter is her number one piece of advice for others.

How can you make money online?

There are many avenues for people to share their knowledge and make money online, advises Teresa.

Options range from creating online courses through Udemy, uploading your own videos to YouTube, growing your own YouTube channel, blogging, or even trying to publish an e-book.

Whatever you choose, Teresa said to just continue to do something.

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