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Love Island’s Anton Danyluk opens up on childhood weight struggles leading to fitness career

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Love Island star Anton Danyluk has opened up about his own fitness journey and weight struggles from his childhood.

Anton, from Airdrie, shot to fame after appearing on the popular ITV2 show back in 2019, where he was a hit with viewers who loved the down-to-earth Scotsman.

The 27-year-old PT revealed last year he was “done” with fame and the celebrity lifestyle, as it didn’t make him happy, and wants to focus more on fitness instead.

Taking to social media, Anton, who regularly posts all things health and fitness related, opened up about his own struggles and his desire to help people meet their fitness goals.

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk unrecognisable

Posting an Instagram story, Anton said: “Basically my story is I was overweight as a kid myself and I went through a lot of issues.

“Then I finally found fitness, it completely changed my life, and from then on I knew I wanted to help others to do the exact same thing.”

“In the last couple of years I got a little bit lost. I’m gonna be honest with you.

“I got lost in what I was doing and who was I because of obvious reasons.

“Coming back to online coaching on a daily basis has really made me feel better about myself.

“It really has shown me that my purpose in life is really to help others achieve amazing results and really help them be the best versions of themselves.”

He said: “So right now at the minute I’m not enjoying the way I’m looking at all. Not at all. I’m putting on a bit of body fat.

“But I have a long-term goal in mind. So I know that with that long term goal in mind I know that I need to sacrifice the satisfaction right now for that long-term goal.

“But I was thinking that goes for everything in life. People are wanting to party, people are wanting to go out all the time. But they’re not wanting to commit to the long-term goal.

“At the end of the day, yes, it is easier to take short-term satisfaction on a daily basis.

“But in the long term, where is that going to leave you? You’re gonna look back in a few years time and think: “Where did that all go?”

Anton revealed last year he would be ditching the fame he found after Love Island to focus on his health and fitness.

After rumours circulated about the star appearing on reality show, Ex On The Beach, he confirmed he is done with the celebrity life.

He said: “This article is not true. I don’t know where this has came from. I have decided not to do any more reality tv. I’m totally focused on my fitness businesses and that’s it.”

Anton also revealed: “No I don’t drink anymore. I’ve given up alcohol and have completely no interest in it. Like I said in the last video there.

He added: “I’m just totally dedicated towards my fitness now. Alcohol doesn’t make me happy. The celebrity life doesn’t…”

Anton now lives full time in Dubai after opening his own gym, Junk, in the country.

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