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Mediate with Urmila: Talk about your progress

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How do these limitations thrive? Because of the attention they get. Note how much time (energy) you spend talking with self and others, what you can’t do or what is holding you. If you want to achieve your goals (emotional or physical), start talking about how you are progressing on it, bit by bit or perhaps by leaps. Talk about how each day is exciting as you already see your progress towards your goal. Talk about where you want to go, not where you are.

In manifesting a goal, one has to pay attention to their goal and feel the joy, the satisfaction of having accomplished it already. When a goal is already accomplished mentally, at the non-physical level, it then gets externalized /manifested in the physical.

1. Set intention: Intending is giving direction to your energy. You can set intention before the start of the day as to how you’d like the day to go for you. You can set intention for daily things also as: ‘I get parking space easily today’. As you set intention, you are in-charge of your energy, your day, your life. (Eg. ‘I intend to reach on time’ or ‘I intend to practice forgiveness today). Whether big or small goals, intention takes you out of the old doors of limitation/s and guides you to the progressive new door/s of newer realms, potentialities.

2. Hold to your positive intentions: Most often one can easily be side-tracked by the ‘outer’ realities. Eg, ‘the parking is always full’ or ‘my work-environment won’t allow this’. The outer realities usually don’t allow one to believe that a certain outcome (or its equivalent) can be accomplished. It is one’s own belief that gets answered; in knowing of this principle, hence, practice holding on to the positive belief despite outer realities which almost always run counter to what you want to manifest. Cultivate belief nevertheless, and the results will get delivered, though may not in the way you expected but always better.

3. Talk about where you want to go: Talk, think, do more about where you want to go, where your goal is, what you desire. If you desire abundance, focus on the abundance you already have and/or the delightful anticipation of having it; and don’t talk or complain about lack. If you desire peace, focus and thrive in peaceful words, actions and deeds; don’t talk or practice hostility and contradict your own energy. Talk about how grateful you are for your abundance, talk about how nice it feels to practice peace. One holds a certain thought (be it limiting or expansive) by mental repetitions and reinforces them with actions, deeds.

4. Talk about your willingness: No progress/change is lasting unless you voluntarily want to change. Whatever your goal is, your own willingness is the game-changer. Something turns inside, quietly, in your willingness. This can be in a moment or can be build- up overtime, it doesn’t matter. Till you see through your progress, you can do the positive self-talk, however, let go of the need for a public talk/ broadcast of your self-work. Roots work silently underneath; the health and strength of a tree is the natural manifestation of the healthy roots. Work like roots; let your progress speak for itself.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in Email: hellokarmicwellness@gmail.com

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