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Meditate with Urmila: Your reactions hold information about you

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Your reactions are important because it holds information about ‘you’. All events that you are part of, having direct experience of, holds valuable information about ‘you’, whether you are acting, reacting, responding or receiving.

How you hold yourself, meaning, how you receive and react to these daily engagements, hold clues about different aspects of ‘you’. Others are mirrors who show you this information. If others were not available, that is, people were not in our lives, we wouldn’t know where we are, and at which stage we are in our self-realisation journey. You can use these clues to (a) know more about yourself and (b) be able to course- correct your actions, reactions, behaviour, attitude that is required towards fulfilment of this journey.

Multiple Aspects of You

You are not just one person. You are living several aspects of yourself, within you. Meaning, you are living at several levels of understanding. You react differently to different circumstances, you react differently to different people, you respond differently to different events. Is it not? You live different emotions, which are different at different points of time.

Some live some aspects dominantly; such as hope, courage, kindness (the positives) and operate from that space. Some live the opposite emotions more dominantly such as in triggers of anger, sarcasm, indifference, which come to the fore easily. All these are aspects of you. Humans, composed of an intricate mix of emotions, oscillate within this spectrum of emotions. Some aspects are dominantly lived.

Others bring the best and worst in us. The best is to appreciate self, the work done towards soul evolution progress of the self and the worst is to be able to work on the pending lessons. So everything, every situation, is an information about us, as we engage with family, friends and the world.

Realisation of Emotional Balance, the Journey that Is

The information is about the emotional imbalance. Peace comes from living in the virtuous cycle of balance, not engaging in extremes. You cannot live an emotion which is not within you. Can you? It is like saying imagine a colour that you haven’t seen. You can only live those emotions that is within you. You can only cultivate those emotions which is within you. These emotions that you live are aspects of ‘you’. Some emotions that you live, you are aware of, some you aren’t. (Haven’t you caught yourself saying, ‘I didn’t think I was capable of….’).

Emotions holds clues about your own journey, the way you react via emotions, tells you where you are at, in your journey of discovering your peace and happiness.

The inner guidance is always available to guide you. If you had an altercation with someone, in all honesty you would know if you perpetrated it or not. For the perpetrator, there is a message as much as there is, for the receiver of the event: what to do, what not to do. To reiterate, information is held in reactions to people, events, circumstances.

If you didn’t have it within, it will not come out. So you are living multiple emotional consciousness at the same time. In journey of self-discovery, self-realisation, this is what you are learning, to realise what needs to be corrected about self and what needs to be appreciated and loved about self. What needs to be transmuted/ released and what needs to be kept. What hurts your growth, what accelerates your growth.

So at every stage of your life, you will have events, circumstances, people who need to be at that point holding information about ‘you’. Whether you see it or not, depends upon your state of awareness. Information can come as a lesson needed to learn or as a validation of something, some aspect that has been learnt. Or is pending.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in Email: hellokarmicwellness@gmail.com

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