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‘My 13-year-old daughter’s phone has taken over her life’

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Question: I am constantly fighting with my 13-year-old (14 in a few weeks) over her phone. She only got it a year ago and now it has taken over her life. She is always on Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram.

When I try to restrict her she goes mad and says it is the only thing she enjoys and that I am cutting her off from her friends. She won’t even come down and watch normal TV programmes with myself and my husband and if she does, you can see she is just waiting to get back on to her phone – it is like she is addicted. I’m not sure what to do, when we do set some rules she is always trying to subvert them. Also, it is hard to monitor, because she does use her tablet for homework and reading (and so could be sneakily looking at social media unless I sit with her).

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