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Nutritionist shares why you shouldn’t eat fruits alone and shared healthy tips to eat sweeter fruits

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Fruits are definitely the healthiest food option nature has given us. These are loaded with nutrients, are delicious, are a sweet addition to our daily diet and are seasonally available. Every season has its own fruits, and we get a variety of fruit options throughout the year. We should always eat fruits naturally grown and ripened and those which are seasonal. Due to commercialisation, many dealers add chemicals to ripen fruits beforehand and sell it in the market. One should always try to avoid such fruits.

This apart, there is a certain manner in which fruits should be consumed. Anything good is good forever, does not hold true when it comes to food.

Recently, nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary shared on Instagram a healthy guide on fruit eating. In the post, the nutritionist speaks about how to eat fruits properly when you are sensitive to carbs. Her social media post is equally important for women as she writes on how to deal with carb cravings during the pre-menstruation phase.

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What does the nutritionist suggest?

  • While having fruits, you need to nourish your body and tackle the blood sugar spikes, as well.
  • Know where to stop or how to handle carbs cravings during pre-menstruation. Try for healthier alternatives
  • Those with endometriosis and PCOS need to control the consumption of fruits as their body is sensitive to carbs
  • Add some coconut cream to it and enjoy it cold. You can blend it into a smoothie too. But banana or mango chunks with coconut cream is BOMB
  • Add a handful of nuts on the side to improve your sugar spikes
  • Have it post a meal as a desert may be. Recent research shows how the insulin response is much better
  • Cheddar cheese with some fruit works well too. Only if your gut can handle cheese of course

“A lot of us these days have undiagnosed IGT and insulin sensitivity. I’m my case, I’ve had endometriosis and mild PCOS, so my body is already sensitive to carbs. If people like me, go all out on fruit even if it’s seasonal, even if it’s with fibre, even if it’s fresh, it’s really hard to beat biology and tackle those blood sugar spikes,” she writes in her post.

“You’ll notice when you’re closer to your period, you’ll jump to satisfy your craving with something unhealthy or just more fruit or more carbs in other forms. If you’re not closer to your period, you might be able to step back and figure this,” she adds.

What should you look for while selecting fruits?

Health experts suggest having fruits with low glycemic index (GI). Though it is beneficial for those having diabetes, having low GI foods reduces the risk of sudden changes in the blood sugar level. A low GI fruit is essentially that which has a GI below 55. Fruits like apples, oranges, plums, strawberries, peaches and grapes are low on GI index, whereas the summer fruit mango is higher on the index.

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