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Quiz: IPL big-earners on auction day over the years

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This week’s quiz on IPL big-earners on Auction day over the years.

Send answers to iesportsquiz@gmail.com by Sunday night.

Q1. Two England cricketers went for top paycheque of Rs 9.8 crore in 2009 IPL auction. One was Kevin Pietersen. Who was the other?

Q2. Which former India batsman followed his 2011 World Cup victory by playing as the first cricketer to cross Rs 10 crore, and go for Rs. 14.9 crore to Shah Rukh Khan’s co-owned KKR in 2011?

Q3. Which India cricketer followed a Rs 14 crore auction in 2014, with a second consecutive Rs 16 crore commanding of summer slam payday in 2015?

Q4. Jaydev Unadkat and Varun Chakravarthy were two rookie Indians who went for top contracts of Rs 8.4 crore in 2019. One went to Kolkata, with which team did Unadkat land up?

Q5. This Trippy Tipo South African all-rounder became the costliest player in IPL history in 2021 with a price of Rs. 16.25 crore shelled out by Rajasthan Royals. Who are we talking of?

Send answers to iesportsquiz@gmail.com by Sunday night 11.59 pm.

Spelling mistakes will be frowned upon.

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