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Robert de Niro speaks of Ukraine and his Career at Cambridge University (Sponsored content from Hannah Madison)

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Image: Dorin Semeret on Unsplash.

When it became known, that Robert de Niro was heading to Cambridge to speak, everybody wanted to have a glimpse of his arrival on campus. And so, crowds thronged along his way, to catch a quick glimpse of the famous American actor. Although he was invited to talk about his career, he did not hesitate to share his view, when someone asked him about the war in Ukraine.

Robert de Niro: Still Popular with the Crowd

You don’t need to go through a course of digital marketing at https://www.12handz.com/ to understand how to gather a crowd, when you have Robert de Niro as a guest. And so, when he arrived at Cambridge University, invited there by Cambridge Union, there was a distinct movement of crowds, from the center of town to the campus. They all wanted to see the famous actor from The Godfather, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, to name but a few of the great commercial successes he has known throughout his cinematic career.

Although it isn’t rare that Cambridge Union invites speakers, it has to be mentioned that not many create such an interest. Queues of people were seen entering the town and the Union was fully packed, to listen to one of the most outstanding actors of his generation. De Niro, though famous for his mafia-themed movies and other blockbusters, also understands how to make people laugh and touch their heart, through light comedies such as The Intern, Meet the Parents and Analyze This. Although there was a lot to talk about, since his career covers over fifty years, the actor born in 1943, in New York City, did manage to find time to talk about more serious subjects, namely the war that broke in Ukraine, a few weeks ago.

This War is Wrong according to De Niro

The subject of the war in Ukraine came up, when someone asked him a question regarding his views on the Ukrainian conflict. Although he could have taken the easy way out, without being accused for it, the actor chose to let his position be known to all, and it is quite clear. To the aggression from the Russians, De Niro said: “You have to stand up and say ‘you can’t do that, it’s wrong’.” If he wanted to have his opinion heard, there certainly was not a better place than in front of Cambridge students. They welcomed his view and the fact that he used his freedom of speech, in such a moment of history.

He then went on to add: “We have to do something… to stop this kind of aggression.” It was evident that the Oscar winner had clear thoughts about the conflict, as he mentioned, that to him, this situation is “not even about democracy, it’s about right and wrong – the truth.” In a world filled with fake news and absolute truths, De Niro seemed to indicate that he was able to see through it all, and make up his mind on the subject.

In the end, he also mentioned that he wasn’t fully convinced about the sanctions and that his fear was “…that this thing will go on and on, and people will get bored, watching it…”

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