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Russia Ukraine War: Biden Warns “Dictator” Putin As Russia Bombs Ukraine Cities: 10 Points

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Russia has started targeting civilian and administrative buildings in major cities. Reuters

Facing stiff resistance from Ukraine, Russia has stepped up its attack on its cities. Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky has sought help from the US, saying it is important to stop the “aggressor” at the earliest

Here are the 10 latest developments:

  1. Russian military claims to have taken control of Ukraine’s Kherson. “The Russian divisions of the armed forces have taken the regional centre of Kherson under full control,” defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in televised remarks.

  2. US President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian aircraft from using US airspace during his State of the Union speech. Canada and several other European nations have already closed their airspace to Russian planes following Ukraine’s invasion.

  3. The World Bank has announced that it is preparing a $3 billion aid package for Ukraine, which will include at least $350 million in immediate funds.

  4. After failing to seize control in any major Ukrainian city six days after it invaded the country, Russia has started targeting civilian and administrative buildings in major cities. Satellite images show a 64-km long Russian military column outside Kyiv. Russia’s defence ministry has urged residents to flee.

  5. Ten people have been killed as Russian forces strike the local government headquarters at Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second major city after capital Kyiv. Eight more were killed in an air strike on a residential building, officials say. A 21-year-old Indian student, Naveen Shekharappa, was killed in the shelling.

  6. India will operate 26 flights over the next three days to fly back Indian citizens who have moved from Ukraine to neighbouring countries. Besides Romania’s Bucharest and Hungary’s Budapest, airports in Poland and Slovak Republic will also be used, the government has said.

  7. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken to US President Joe Biden over the phone and stressed that it is important to stop “aggressor” Russia “as soon as possible”. President Zelensky has asked the European Union to “prove” it is with Ukraine by accepting it as a member.

  8. The European Union banned Russian state media outlets RT and Sputnik from broadcasting in the bloc while banning “certain” Russian banks from the SWIFT bank messaging system Tuesday.

  9. The United Nation’s International Court of Justice says it will hold public hearings on March 7 and 8 over Ukraine’s allegations of “genocide” by Russia.

  10. More than 677,000 people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion, the UN’s refugee agency has said, with the number rising rapidly.

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