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Selling on Amazon UK – a guide for small businesses

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Form a pricing strategy

When pricing your products you need to factor in the cost of selling on Amazon, so you have a good profit margin. You should also consider packaging and shipping costs.

Fast selling products on Amazon will usually be priced between £10 and £50 for impulse buys. If it’s priced too low then you won’t make a profit, but if it’s too expensive people won’t find your product as it will appear too far down the listings page.

Make sure you keep track of what’s selling well in your Seller Central dashboard and adjust your prices if you need to.

Analyse your competition

Look at what sells well on Amazon. This can change depending on the time of year, market conditions, and business trends. For example, sales of things like gym equipment and pet supplies skyrocketed during the pandemic when shops and fitness studios were closed.

Check the ‘Frequently bought brands’ and ‘What do other customers buy’ sections for inspiration for related products. This can also be useful if you’re looking to develop a new product for your business.

You can also view Amazon Best Sellers, which is updated every hour. You can view this by category and see what products are trending to help give you inspiration.

Other lists you might find useful for product ideas:

Or have you found a gap in the market? This can be a great opportunity to stand out in the product listings if it’s solving a problem for consumers, but there aren’t any other sellers out there doing it quite like you.

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