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Should One Workout When Sick?

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One should avoid going to the gym when sick or down with a contagious disease

Exercising regularly is a huge component in keeping your body active and healthy. It helps in keeping your weight in check, decreases the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses or diseases, aids for better bodily functioning, and boosts your immune system. While all of this states how exercising regularly is important for our health and can prove to be very beneficial, one question that is often asked is if one should be working out when they are sick or unwell. People often wonder whether exercising and working out when we are sick will help speed up our recovery or hinder it. Let us find out!

Fitness coach Miten Kakaiya, of Miten Says Fitness, says that you should not be working out when sick unless your doctor asks you to. When you are sick, the goal always is a speedy recovery. While exercising is a healthy habit and if you’ve been working out regularly, you may want to go ahead and work out even when you’re sick, it is best that you avoid it. The only time it is okay to work out when you are unwell is if your doctor prescribes you certain exercises as a part of your recovery plan.

Firstly, if you have a fever or are extremely unwell, exercising and exerting your body can actually be an unsafe thing to do. When we are sick or unwell, we should make sure that our body gets the rest it requires. Exercising when we are sick can prove to be detrimental to recovery in certain situations. For a speedy recovery, it is vital to not put our body through any sort of exertion or extra stress as it can hinder our body’s healing abilities.

Often times when we are sick or down with a fever, our body may be feeling weak. Exercising when our body is feeling weak will put additional stress on the body and is not good for us. It can end up delaying your recovery or even worsening your health. Especially when feeling symptoms like vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, a fever, productive cough, etc. it is a good idea to take some time off workouts to recover.

Additionally, when we’re sick, our body is working hard to try and feel better. Our immune system is fighting off the disease-causing bacteria and germs and takes up most of our energy. Trying to find the energy to work out at a time like this will only cause further stress in our body and affect the ability of our immune system to fight off the diseases. It is crucial that we listen to our bodies, get adequate rest, and give ourselves the best chance to recover.

It is also important to note that one should avoid going to the gym when sick or down with a contagious disease such as a productive cough, as they’re putting others at risk of being exposed to the illness-causing germs. One should hold off and stay home and focus on recovery until the symptoms resolve. Go to bed on time, get some extra sleep, eat healthy food that supports your recovery, and stay hydrated. This way you can heal faster and get back to the gym sooner.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. Always remember, skipping working out and focusing on your recovery for a few days when you are sick or unwell will not impact your fitness levels or put a dent in your fitness goals. Giving your body the rest it needs is a huge part of focusing and improving your health and fitness levels. 

(Miten Kakaiya, Miten Says Fitness)

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