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The App Turning Used Books into a Profitable Side Hustle on Amazon

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ScoutIQ has cracked the code when it comes to making money on Amazon with steps anyone can instantly follow.

The internet is filled with tons of how to sell on Amazon schemes that promise untold riches to people daring enough to participate in them. But while a tiny few are genuine, majority of these so-called opportunities are only out to defraud the unsuspecting people. For the ones that are not fraudulent, the steps involved in earning a dollar are so complicated that it discourages even the most dedicated followers. Little wonder that most people find it hard to believe that it is easy to make money online. For the folks at ScoutIQ, however, selling on Amazon has never been so simple.

ScoutIQ is a paid subscription app created to help anyone quickly find profitable products that they can retail on Amazon. It does this by allowing its users to scan used books from libraries, garage sales, thrift stores, and other areas. Then in an instant, the app relays if one should or should not sell the item and how much profit they would make if they eventually do.


There are no complex maneuvers involved as the ScoutIQ book scanning app operates on the principle of simplicity. Therefore, anyone can become an Amazon seller by following three simple steps:

–  Scan it – Scan any item and immediately see the profit if sold on Amazon
–  List it – List and send off the books purchased to Amazon’s warehouse.
–  Sell it – When a book is sold, receive the profit after Amazon ships it. 

As can be seen, one does not also need to have knowledge of books or selling on Amazon to scan barcodes on item. One only needs to do the above steps and ScoutIQ will handle the rest. 

One distinctive feature of the ScoutIQ app is its eScore, a game changer that measures the number of days that have registered a sale in the past 180 days. This gives one a better insight into a book’s historical demand and provides the data needed to stock up on the book. The app also comes with a downloadable database that scans books up to five times faster than looking up live data. It is particularly helpful even in areas without cell service or a WiFi signal. The speed mode feature enables users to scan books using their phone’s camera and continuously seeing all the required information in real time. Then there is the smart triggers feature that analyzes multiple variables to help users select a realistic list price.


The ScoutIQ app is partnered with Sell Back Your Book (SBYB), the largest online book buyback company that has paid out over 10 million dollars to date. Using ScoutIQ, one can instantly see the price SBYB is willing to pay in cash for a book and add it to their cart with a single click.  

With ScoutIQ, having a profitable side hustle is as easy as signing up on the app and taking advantage of its numerous features. The company offers a free video course to all customers that walk them step-by-step through the process of getting started, and all the way to making their first sale and managing their business. 

Interested persons can visit the website and get a two-week risk-free trial of the software.

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Country: United States
Website: http://www.scoutiq.co

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