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UK politics live: we must ensure Putin fails, UK foreign secretary says | Politics

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We should leave no stone unturned in isolating these oligarchs from their investments, including the seizure of properties and yachts.

There’s a race to squeeze Putin given the war crimes he’s now committing in Ukraine, and London continues to be seen as ground zero as to where oligarchs’ investments sit. So we need to be impounding these assets in days, not weeks or months.

There’s going to be increasing public anger that we’re not doing enough to help our fellow Ukrainians in their hour of need.

I would agree with Tom [Tugendhat]; I simply would add what we do must be legally watertight, what we can’t see is any loopholes.

Every day we wait offers more time for the oligarchs to move their wealth to other parts of the world. Don’t forget it’s not their wealth, this is the stolen wealth from the Russian people which is utilised to keep Putin in power.

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