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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ukraine crisis: Nato defence ministers prepare to meet – live | World news

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We are hoping for the best but we are prepared for the worst. We now have two distinct futures ahead of us: in one the Kremlin decides to wage war against Ukraine with massive human costs, something we thought we had left behind after the tragedies of the 20th century. Moscow’s relations with us would be severely damaged, tough sanctions would kick in with dire consequences on the Russian economy and its prospects of modernisation.

But another future is possible. A future in which Russia and Europe cooperate on shared interests. A future where free countries work together in peace. A future of prosperity built on the fundamental principles enshrined in the UN charter and the European security architecture since the Helsinki final act.

This is my aspiration and I am sure the Russian people share this aspiration too. It is now up to the Kremlin to decide but whatever path they decide to take we will stand our ground. Europe will be united on the side of Ukraine, united on the side of peace and on the side of Europe’s people. Long live Europe.

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