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Ukraine-Russia latest news: Powerful bombs dropped on city; minister warns conflict will last ‘months if not years’; China warns against ‘adding fuel to the flames’ | World News

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Trevor Phillips on Sunday has just begun on Sky News, and the first guest is Dominic Raab.

Asked about the latest developments on the Russian advance, the deputy prime minister says that Vladimir Putin sold to the Russian people that that invasion would be “much easier than it turned out”. 

He said this is partly a testament to the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people.

Mr Raab says the UK has been supporting Ukraine and has helped them train around 22,000 armed forces.

But he said that Ukraine has “definitely proved a tougher prospect than Putin expected”.

He added: “And that has an effect on morale, on the Russian side as well. Of course, at the same time, we’ve imposed the biggest sanctions package I can remember.”

On whether Vladimir Putin’s actions can be considered as war crimes, he said: “The reckless and frankly appalling tactic by the Putin regime must be held to account, not just Putin himself. But also anyone taking illegal orders.

“And so on top of the £220m of humanitarian support we’re providing to the Ukrainian people, we’re also very clear that as the International Criminal Court opens its examination of what’s taking place, and it’s right that a court decides whether war crimes being committed, we will provide the diplomatic support.”

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