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What is a digital strategy?

27 years ago, Anne Kelly founded a print based graphic design company called AKGraphics. ‘Marketing was a bit of a mystery to a lot of businesses back then. It’s even more of a mystery now that it’s mostly online’, said Anne Kelly. Search engine optimisation, PPC, inbound, outbound, funnels, user interface. Where should you invest first? What’s actually relevant to your business? Anne sees a lot of companies chasing their tails and spending in the wrong areas. But how successful has that investment been? Can you measure it?

This is where a strategy comes in. It distills all the options down and shows your company where you need to be. ‘Companies need to be more tunnel visioned. Instead of investing a little bit in everything, find out where your customers are, what challenges they face and speak to them like a normal Joe Bloggs would’, Anne says.

A marketing partner, not a service provider

Irish companies are waking up to digital investment as a competitive advantage but still slow to prioritise it in any impactful way. There has been an increased investment in digital marketing over the past few years. During the pandemic, there’s been a lot of small to medium businesses applying for digital marketing funding. But once they get this funding, they can be a bit lost as to where to start.

This is good news for marketing agencies like anne+co. who have helped Irish and international companies with product launches, rebrands, packaging and web design. ‘Understanding the client is key to everything we do. We see ourselves as a marketing partner. We slot into place when needed and add value with our strategy and design. We partner with our companies to deliver the best result for the end user. We remind our partners and challenge them on that. That’s all marketing really is’.

Digital makes a measurable impact

The main advantage that digital marketing offers is the measurable impact. Monitoring results, optimising campaigns and increasing return will be key parts of your strategy. It’s harder to get direct, real-time results from traditional sources of marketing but with a banner ad in the Sunday Business Post or a lead generating campaign on LinkedIn you get to account for the money spent. This makes your marketing investment a much easier case to make to the Chief Financial Officer then it used to be. There’s no denying digital marketing is a considerable investment but when done right you can not only increase revenue but grow your brand online.

Top tips for your digital marketing strategy

Get the most out of your marketing strategy with these tips from anne+co.

1.Start with the goal: What are you trying to achieve? What will success look like?

2.Determine your budget: No one likes talking money but it’s the first thing any agency will ask about when you reach out. Focus on using your budget to reach the right people where they actually are instead of wasting it on broad based strategies or expensive channels.

3.Measuring matters: When deciding on your marketing channels make sure you can measure success. For example, track clicks to your website from different channels using URL tracking. By doing this you can get an idea of which investment was most impactful and double down on it.

4.A/B test: Spend what you can learning as much as you can. Divert your spend into two buckets – target the same audience, but use two different creatives, or two different messages.

About anne+co.

anne+co. is all about that personal touch and collaboration. We’ve always been an approachable and friendly agency but not afraid to challenge our clients. Building relationships with them is key to that. This creative collective culture drives our creativity. We all feel comfortable to share our opinions with each other and with our clients. That’s what drives our creativity.

Looking to invest in a digital strategy this year? Get your strategy off the ground with anne+co.

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