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Weight loss: Here’s how to do weighted squats for best results

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Even though there are several kinds of exercise routines and work out regimes that are especially curated, the effectiveness of each and every one of them remains dubitable until results are clearly visible. More importantly, no matter how carefully curated one’s workout regime is, it won’t yield results until each and every movement and exercise is done properly. One’s form, stance, movement, repetitions, rest period, pre-workout routine and post workout routine play an integral part in determining the effectiveness of the workout. Squats are considered to be one of the finest movements that help shape the lower body, which is considered to be a problem area for most people, especially women. Weighted squats are even more effective because of the resistance provided by weights. In order to gain muscle mass and lose weight from squats, it is imperative to practice them properly. Here are all the ways in which you can practice squats for optimum results.

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