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Why your online shopping order can be more expensive than you expected

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Shoppers may be being charged more for their online deliveries than they expect because supermarkets only display a ‘guide price’ when you fill your virtual trolley, according to reports. The Times says that Tesco customers are charged the price of items when their order is picked for delivery, not the price they see when they order the groceries.

And it says Sainsbury’s customers are given an ‘estimate’ of the final bill when they shop online, which can be different to the final cost. Waitrose says its online prices are “always estimated” while customers will actually be charged the price of the goods on the day of their delivery.

Prices can go up in all shops because of the rising cost of living and inflation – which means that in a few days or a week between ordering and delivery the cost of your shopping can be higher than you expected. And offers which reduce the price of goods can expire between the time you choose your shopping and the date of delivery.

The Times says Ocado, Morrisons and Asda use online guide prices only for products priced by weight.

Morrisons adds five per cent to the estimated cost of your online order when you choose your items – then any difference is refunded from the balance at the time of delivery. Campaigner Jack Monroe wrote on Twitter that supermarkets “should honour the price at the point of ordering, surely the price factors in whether you order something or not? When you buy something online at any other retailer, you expect to pay the advertised price at point of purchase! (In fact, that’s the law.)”

In response, all the supermarkets said customers are given a full receipt complete with final prices before they get their orders, and that items can be returned with the driver for a full refund.

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