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workout: Know the types of workouts you can do with your wife post-pregnancy

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Pregnancies often affect the mood of a woman, she could experience a tsunami of mood swings caused by various reasons. These sudden mood changes could be because of reasons such as hormonal imbalance, lack of deep sleep, constant anxiety, fear, and so on. Not every pregnant woman would experience all of these issues, but women are highly vulnerable to depression during pregnancy. When there are a number of ways to fight these emotional changes, workouts have been proven to give good results to fight depression as they release the four sets of happy hormones, namely dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. All these hormones give us a feeling of satisfaction, sexual pleasure, and some even help in maternal-infant bonding. Vijay Thakkar, fitness entrepreneur and functional medicine coach suggests some simple but highly effective workouts you can do with your partner to make it more fun.

Aqua Spinning:

Aqua spinning is one of the most popular exercises for pregnant women. It is similar to stationary cycling inside a pool with upper body movements like arm rotation, full arm spinning, etc. The soothing effects of water relaxes your mind, helps take away stress, and relieves body pain. If you cannot take your wife to an aqua spinning gym, go for stationary bikes in the regular gym.

It is a classic exercise recommended to a pregnant woman by any doctor for ages. Walking for 30-45 minutes every day during your pregnancy is extremely beneficial as it keeps you active and activates your whole body. Have your partner beside you while walking, and share your daily stories, your feelings during that walk. It is the best any husband can do during his wife’s trimesters.

Indoor Workouts:

If you have very little time to take the above-mentioned workouts, you can at least try to do some low-intensity indoor workouts with your wife. Pregnant women can safely perform workouts like wall push-ups, leg lifts, sit-ups, fitness ball wall squats, etc. Fortunately, squatting also has added benefits like enabling your baby to move freely during the delivery.

However, before starting any workout regime, do consult your doctor because every woman has different fitness levels while some workouts may work and may not. Thus, consult with your doctor and stay away from any workout that causes major stress or pain to the body during pregnancy.

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